Friday, April 6, 2012


April 6, 2012

It all began 10 weeks ago today! Pretty crazy!

The day started off well. Elaine was greeted by her three little angels in bed, each one eager to help her start her morning. They relaxed in bed for a bit with some heat on Little Darlin' since she was still very sore. Fred got up early to play a little golf and Elaine was a little lost without him, but Staci tried her best. Elaine wanted to go over to the fitness center this morning to see her friends/trainers there who have all been so supportive. It was an emotional greeting for them all and as Elaine said, " I can't believe this happened, but at least I'm not dead!" We watched the kids play at camp for a bit and then Elaine took a little rest before a very active and busy rest of her day.

Elaine and Staci went to lunch at Sammy's with Pat, Marty, Rockee and Cindy. They had a wonderful time, enjoying pizza and a very messy sundae. Initially, everyone was hesitant to order dessert. The moment it was set at the table, not many words were said until it was gone - and I mean all the way gone. There was not a nut to be had! Elaine really enjoyed having lunch with some of her best buddies. They gossiped, laughed, and educated Staci on the conversation topics as you get a little bit older. Staci definitely turned red a few times:) Elaine was very excited to have lunch with her friends - all of whom were all amazed she at how well her recovery is going!

Elaine came home and was greeted by several friends who couldn't wait to give her  a hug. Louise, Anne, Shirley, Marty and Rich, all came by. She enjoyed seeing everyone so much!

We all went to the Palm Court for dinner. The Hackshaw family joined us. Elaine has found so much strength through Ashley and her battles. We celebrated life, Choosing Joy, friendship, and two remarkable women fighting for their lives with courage  and strength. It was really nice. They both happen to be married to incredible men who support their wives through the toughest of times and exemplify true love!

Elaine was overwhelmed with all the love from her Vintage family. She is so touched by the people that she doesn't even know who come up and say hello. Again, from all of us, thank you and please know how much you all mean to us! She is so humbled by all the love and hugs she gets from people. It gives her even more strength talking to people, hearing their stories of triumph, and just feeling the love from everyone.

Elaine was completely exhausted tonight but had a great day. Little Darlin' still continues to cause her a lot of pain. Fred was rubbing her back at dinner trying to ease the tension. Elaine amazes us with her strength and continues to inspire us. We love her so much!

In other exciting news, Elaine drove the golf cart for the first time today! It was the first time she has driven "heavy machinery" in 10 weeks. It was very exciting and we are thrilled to report that it was just like riding a bike for Elaine. She did great. She likes to drive in the middle of the road. We believe that is her sub conscious that is nervous that she will be run over by another driver.

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