Thursday, April 5, 2012


April 5, 2012

Today started like any other Thursday for Elaine. She had a great therapy session where she amazed the staff at Hoag.  They continue to be impressed with her determination to beat this thing and her unbeatable work ethic. She is an inspiration to everyone that is lucky enough to come into contact with her.

The day became more interesting after therapy because Fred and Elaine decided to make their first trip to the desert so they could spend Easter at The Vintage. This was obviously a big deal for Elaine. Although she has had a ton of visits from her desert friends, she hasn't been down to the desert since the end of January. Well, she had nothing to worry about. The trip has been a huge success so far. Pat came over to the house for a nice visit this afternoon while Fred went shopping for furniture (? - we know that sounds odd, but it is what he wanted to do).  After the shopping excursion, Fred came back and hit a few balls with Christi and Ben.

After the kids swam and golfed and got cleaned up, the whole crew headed to the Palm Court for dinner. It was Elaine's first venture out at The Vintage in a pretty long time. She ran into Tony and Mary Ann right as she walked through the door. They were so excited to see her and gave her huge hugs.  We saw Tony pull Fred aside and tell him that Elaine looks absolutely fabulous! Fred answered that comment honestly - he agreed she does look fabulous!

While we were sitting at dinner, Elaine had a nice parade of well-wishers. The overwhelming sentiment was that Elaine looked stunningly beautiful and that each and every person could not believe her amazing progress toward recovery. Fred took the chance to share with the visitors tales of Elaine's remarkable courage through this ordeal. He told a few different stories that spoke to her perseverance, her will to fight, her "never quit" attitude, and positive attitude. Two of the well-wishers included John and Carol who stopped by the table to say hello and share some hugs.

It was long and very eventful day for everyone, and Elaine is happy to be in the desert for a little change of scenery. The combination of tough therapy, a long drive, and a busy afternoon / evening definitely tired her out.  Let's hope that she (and Fred, who has had trouble sleeping) have a long, restful night of sleep!

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