Saturday, April 21, 2012


Elaine had an interesting day today. She didn't have therapy today and Little Darlin' is still causing her lots of pain. Fred played golf so she spent the afternoon with the Francois family. Ben and Brian went to pick her up this morning (after surprising her by dropping off Starbucks and a bagel).

They arrived at the Port Streets (where the Francois Family lives) to a giant "garage sale." It happens yearly and Elaine got such a kick out of watching everyone searching though piles of "junk." She enjoyed watching with our good friend Jen and laughing at the gems available on everyone's driveways. Ben, Christi, and Taylor decided to get in on the action and sell some goods. It was quite entertaining for sure! They netted about $9 for their efforts.

Elaine had lunch and enjoyed the fun afternoon with the kids. She had a good day despite the pain she is in. She is always such a treat to be around. Since she was sitting outside today several of Staci and Ben's friends that are following her story came by to meet her. She is a celebrity wherever she goes with a huge fan base! 

After her day with the kids, Elaine headed back home where she and Ben hung out for a while until Fred came home. It was one of those days that was restful and busy. We hope she is able to get some sleep tonight (and Fred, too)! 

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