Sunday, April 22, 2012


Fred and Elaine spent the morning and afternoon together, just the two of them, and had a really nice day! They had brunch at Big Canyon and then headed over to see American Pie Reunion. They said it was quite funny.

They were planning to go putt, but the weather was misty so they decided to wait another day. Elaine is chomping at the bit to get out there and give it a shot on real greens. She has been practicing in the garage! Her therapist wants to take her down to start chipping soon. Elaine doesn't want him around so he doesn't put any new swing thoughts in her mind:) This is her chance to get that damn fine swing even better! Hopefully this week she will get out there. She doesn't have any doctor appointments scheduled, just therapy this week so that will be a nice and give her a little more rest.

We are all very concerned about Little Darlin' - not that something is wrong. We are just heartbroken at the pain she is in. It is relentless, and Elaine needs a break from it. Today her left leg was hurting and tingling too, which only added to her physical exhaustion. We just keeping hoping that she will get some relief soon. You can just look at her eyes and see how much pain she is in. Elaine is hands down the toughest person we know! She has an exceptionally high pain tolerance. We can't even imagine the pain she is feeling for her to complain because she is NOT a complainer.

Fred and Elaine came over to the Francois house for dinner. The kids were thrilled and love to have them over. They looked at photo albums, Christi danced, Brian and Fred chased each other around (Elaine said Brian has Fred's loud voice already), Taylor "sneaks" Nammie's lip gloss. Elaine says, "Taylor hurry before your dad sees you. Go hide in the bathroom and put it on!" She might "have stroke" but she hasn't lost her sneakiness:) It was a lovely Sunday evening, our favorite way to end the weekend!

We got a kick out of Fred and Elaine tonight. They showed up in matching tennis shoes, black lulu pants, and a black jackets. It wasn't planned! They have such a loving, sweet relationship. They are very lucky to have each other and have been through so much over the years! As Elaine was getting in the car tonight she said, "dad sure deserves lots of gold stars for taking such good care of me!" Yes he does!

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