Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Elaine had another good night of sleep. The Neurontin is helping her at night, it puts her to sleep, too! I nice bonus. The pain pill is helping her arm as well, but unfortunately she can feel it as soon as it wears off. She had a great day of therapy though and continued to process and focused better today too!

This afternoon Staci and Taylor dropped off Elaine's juice and some groceries. Staci had to get the other two kids and Taylor decided to stay and take care of Nammie until she got back. She was so sweet with her, rubbing her arm, getting her sips of water, holding her hand so delicately when she stood up. We think its the only time that Elaine doesn't want to be independent! It was a nice treat for both of them to spend some time alone and Taylor was so excited with the responsibility of "taking care of Nammie." She never left her side!

Christi was so excited that Nammie came to swim practice to watch her. Elaine sat and watched her for the whole hour, even during the raindrops. We did forget her Coumadin so Fred had to run it over to us at the pool. We are so thankful for nurse Fred and the alarm that goes off on his phone every day at 4:45! He is such an incredible, selfless caretaker! Despite the drops of rain, the temperature was really nice. Elaine really enjoyed being outside and getting out doing some "normal" activities that don't include hospital visits, or therapy.

You can see a difference in Elaine just getting a more restful night of sleep and some hours of the day where she is not in so much pain. She is fighting through this with so much courage!

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