Wednesday, April 4, 2012


April 4, 2012

Some days you can actually see serious progress as it happens. The therapist came over to the house today for a two-hour intensive session. Elaine worked exceptionally hard, and she was able to convince Little Darlin' to work toward recovery as well. One of her amazing accomplishments was bending her left hand into flat into a "table" which has been really hard for Little Darlin'.

Elaine also wowed her therapists (and the rest of us) with her ability to walk through house holding a tray flat and steady (so steady that a ball stayed on) just like she was delivering Easter Brunch.

After the intense therapy session, Staci and Elaine headed over to Hoag to get some blood work done. The Coumadin machine was on the fritz and we need to measure the thickness of her blood twice a week. They are supposed to send parts asap so we can get the machine fixed.

Last night was another night of sleeplessness at the Smith house so following the trip to Hoag, Elaine laid down and took a nap this afternoon. Post nap, she was ready to entertain again as Richie and Julie came by with takeout from Mastro's for dinner.

We are wishing for a very restful night of sleep for Fred and Elaine tonight after a tough one last night.  They both need and deserve it!

One more thing! Elaine has made the bold prediction that Hunter Mahan will win the 2012 Masters. Bank on it.

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