Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It was back to the grind for Elaine today. She went back to Hoag for her two hour therapy session, after her Easter break "vacation." It went well and she continued to improve. The first hour they focused primarily on walking. The next hour was spent on Little Darlin'. Elaine did have a self-described "meltdown" in the middle of therapy. She looked at herself in the mirror and didn't like what she saw and began to cry. The therapist was actually very happy to see her feeling those emotions. She said it is all part of the healing and recovery process. It makes her human to have those moments, and if she didn't, it wouldn't be normal. She continued to fight after that and worked her butt off.

Her brother Marino came by this afternoon and was thrilled with her progress. Her siblings have all said they don't know where she gets her strength and determination. They look up to her so much and they are in awe of her. She continues to make everyone proud and have such an impact on everyones' lives.

Tonight, Julie, Richie, Fred, and Elaine had dinner together. Elaine is tired tonight and has therapy in the morning. Little Darlin' is still plugging away - still in pain but not really getting worse. A moment doesn't go by for us that we don't think about Elaine, all that she is dealing with, and her dedication to get better. She is our inspiration and makes whatever our challenges are seem like a cakewalk. We are in constant awe of Fred as well. He is equally dedicated and through is actions has shown us what true love is all about! We are so lucky to have such incredible role models.

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