Monday, April 2, 2012


April 2, 2012

March Madness!! More craziness for Elaine. She definitely didn't suffer from a case of Blue Monday. Elaine started the day with an intense session of physical therapy. Her therapist (and the rest of us) continued to be amazed by her attitude and her single-mindedness when it comes to achieving full recovery. 

After physical therapy, Elaine engaged in some retail therapy at Fashion Island. She was reasonably successful at shopping and incredibly successful at walking around the mall.  She is a true inspiration!

While shopping, Fred and Elaine mixed in a meal at R+D Kitchen with Staci and Brian. 

They also ran into their friend Cindi - a nice treat!

After lunch and shopping, Freddy and family came by for a quick hello and goodbye before heading back to Vegas. Then Julie made dinner for the Richie, Fred, and Elaine as they watched the NCAA tournament finale. 

No day is like the last, and Elaine continues to amaze us and impress all of us!!

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