Monday, April 23, 2012


Elaine had a back-on-schedule type of day. Paul is back from his conference and he and Elaine worked for a couple hours this afternoon. It was more of the same with those two. Elaine laughed a lot while not maintaining as much focus as Paul would like. Her leg performed well and felt better. Unfortunately, her arm continued to be in pain. Elaine really shows amazing strength fighting through the pain to actually accomplish something during her therapy sessions.  She really is inspiring!

Recently, Staci started drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices from this place called Nekter. She is now encouraging Elaine to drink one a day, and to ensure that it happens she usually runs one by the house. Luckily, Elaine likes her juice which is nice because she claims that she is sick of food and sick of eating. Staci doesn't let her get off that easily and is always gently (or less gently) getting Elaine to eat three meals a day plus snacks to ensure that she has enough energy to get through the therapy and the hard work she goes through every day.

Mostly though, Elaine is sick of the pain. We wish there we could find an on/off switch that would make her feel better. She is an incredibly tough woman, and we feel awful for what she deals with everyday. Her only consolation is that she continues to make progress even as Little Darlin' causes her so much trouble.

We are hoping that Fred and Elaine get a night of restful and peaceful sleep!

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