Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today was a great day! Elaine started off with a two hour therapy session with Paul. He hadn't seen her for a few days. She worked a lot on walking. They are trying to get her to straighten her leg after a step. Since her stroke, because of her muscle weakness, it is very hard for her to straighten her leg  - specifically because of calf and hamstring weakness. We actually noticed a difference when she was walking today. It was really cool!

After therapy, we took a homemade (thanks to Julie, who is a superb baker) to the paramedics that took Elaine to the hospital that fateful morning. Unfortunately, the paramedics that were on the call that morning were not at the station but the ones that were there were thrilled. They were going to try and save a few pieces for two of the medics that will be back in on Saturday. They were so excited to see Elaine moving so well. One of them remembered hearing the call when it came through and hearing her situation was dire. Elaine was much happier to be on the outside looking in at the ambulance this time around. The firemen and medics were so nice and even gave the kids a tour of the engine. It it something Elaine and Julie have wanted to so for some time now. The station was truly happy to see her doing so well. They said it is rare they get to hear or see the outcome of people they rush to the ER and to have a happy ending made their day. We are certainly indebted to them!

After that, Elaine had a burst of energy! She and Julie went to the mall and literally shopped until they dropped! The sisters had a fun afternoon together and share such a special relationship. We still aren't sure where Elaine gets her energy from. We are quite certain that Grandma Ida sent her some extra strength today to get her around the mall and was especially proud when they browsed the shoe section.

Julie cooked a delicious dinner tonight and hopefully they will have a good night tonight. Both Fred and Elaine slept really well last night. Little Darlin' is still in pain. Elaine was telling Paul (her PT) about all the pain she is in. He agreed its good and has heard how painful it is from other patients.

Tomorrow we are off to more therapy and a visit to the cancer doctor. We aren't exactly sure why but hope this will be the last time we EVER see her.

This was a funny pic we wanted to share of Franny climbing the lemon tree for Elaine. Elaine loves her lemons from the desert and thanks to someones takes about a lemon a day to keep everything away.

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