Sunday, April 15, 2012


April 15, 2012

Elaine was "taxed" today! She didn't get a very restful night of sleep. When she laid down for bed, her heart went into A-Fib. It wasn't as bad as it used to be and didn't last as long as usual. We talked to our trusted doctor friend about it. He said as long as she is on the Coumadin and her levels are where they need to be and her heart didn't race really high, it is ok. We were relieved to hear that!

Elaine spent the morning and afternoon with the Francois family. We went to brunch this morning and then relaxed at home. Despite the chaos, Elaine did manage to get a little rest and lots of pampering by her grandkids! Brian gave her a foot massage, Taylor a head massage, and Elaine helped pull Christi's front tooth out! She then enjoyed lunch in bed with Christi. We really enjoyed having Nammie with us and hope we didn't scare her off too much to come back. The kids love her so much and constantly want to sing to her, dance for her (or with her), and want her attention. Fred played golf and then came over after and Brian never stopped saying "Ampa" from the second he walked in the door (until now, many hours later). They are going to enjoy a quiet dinner and get caught up on some rest (we hope). Elaine has a long week of therapy, scans, and doctor appointments ahead. We are hoping the doctor will be able to give her some medication to ease the pain in Little Darlin'. She was extremely achy today.

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