Sunday, April 8, 2012


April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Elaine was as busy as the Easter bunny today. She will probably feel like she is on vacation when she gets backs to Newport and her regular therapy schedule.

The whole crew headed out to Madison for Easter Brunch. Elaine looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair done and beautiful white dress. We all managed to stuff ourselves with multiple courses including desserts.

After they pried the forks from our hands, the kids enjoyed an egg hunt on the driving range. We left the club and had a great visit and home tour with Michael and Lori.  Their home is stunning, and their kinds words and love mean the world to Fred and Elaine.

Fred and Elaine headed home for an afternoon of relaxation with plans to watch the final round of The Masters. They had a few visitors stop by to say Happy Easter. Pat, Scotty, Kris, and Brendan (and Sean) popped over and shared some laughs while watching a few holes of golf.

Suzy and Mike came by the house to check on Elaine's amazing progress in person.  Suzy hadn't seen Elaine in the hospital and was floored by how great she looked and all the progress she has made since then.

This trip back to the desert has been eye-opening for our family. One recurring theme that we have heard is that Elaine is an incredible inspiration to everyone whose lives she has touched. Several people have recounted stories of instances when something isn't going right for them or they are challenged in some way. Instead of getting mad or feeling sorry for themselves, they look at their wrist and see that little pink rubber bracelet and are instantly inspired to complete their task and have a positive attitude about it. They think to themselves that if Elaine can fight and win her battle after such a dramatic setback, then they can definitely get past whatever issues they are facing.

We certainly had a wonderful Easter and have so much to be thankful for. Kris (who used to work with stroke victims) also agreed that the pain Little Darlin' is feeling is a very good sign and said she will also feel burning as her body is waking up. Sure enough, as she was getting ready for bed tonight, her arm has a burning sensation. Elaine is very excited! Staci and Ben have given Elaine hand/arm, and foot massages the past few nights and Elaine is convinced that has helped, too. She actually slept well last night and is eager to keep Little Darlin' active. Happy Easter!

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