Saturday, April 7, 2012


April 7, 2012

Love and support.  Those are the words for the day. Spending time in the desert has made all of us even more aware of all of the love and support that Elaine has as she fights towards recovery. It is a very humbling experience to hear the concern in voices and see the love and emotion in the faces of Elaine's friends here in the desert. Everyone we run into wants to come by and see her or is insistent that we tell her that they have been praying for her.

Elaine had what is now becoming typical - an incredibly busy day. She spent the morning with Mary. Mary then took her to see Girard to have her hair done.  As always, that was a fun experience. It was really nice for Elaine to spend some quality time with Mary, one of her oldest and closest friends.

They arrived back at the Vintage just in time to have lunch with Staci, Ben, their kids, Alli and Breck, their kids, and Breck's mom.  Table for 13 please!  Elaine also had the chance to visit with Jo while they were at lunch.

There was plenty more action after lunch. Elaine headed to the gym to attempt to loosen up her back and ease the pain that Little Darlin' has been recently enduring.

After all of that, Elaine headed home to visit with more of her great friends. Kim visited from just down the street.  Pat and Carlene stopped by to say hello, bringing a gift box the size of Elaine! They joked that Jay was going to jump out. Sandy, the Plote Family, Beverly, and Barbara also came by. So did Fred's close pals, Ron and Jim. It was a great afternoon of visiting and friendship. Elaine is so touched by the outpouring of love. Sandy shared with Elaine that she is really happy to hear of the pain Little Darlin' is causing Elaine. She said it is the nerve endings waking up and while very painful, a very good sign of things to come. It gave Elaine comfort to hear that.

After a very busy afternoon, Elaine laid down for some rest.  Most people would have had enough at that point, but not Elaine! She ended up going to dinner with Fred and John and Carol!  She is such a trooper! We are so proud of her for attitude and her will to overcome!  Happy Easter!  Be thankful for the family and friends who love you and who you love!  There is nothing more important than that!

Please take a moment to read this post from our great friend Ashley. When she has every reason to focus on herself, she decides to write about Elaine.  They are both so inspirational!

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