Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Elaine took a huge step toward getting her life back today. She has clearly made tons and tons of progress, but she accomplished something that is incredibly important to her.

After 12 long weeks of thinking about it, today Elaine held Brian while standing up!!!!  It was almost as if he knew that she wanted to hold him, and that he understood that she couldn't - until today. He was so excited and had a huge smile on his face when Staci handed him to Elaine. As soon as Elaine had him, he immediately laid his head on her shoulder. It was an incredibly touching moment, and it is difficult to describe how powerful it was to watch. It was been one of the hardest things for Elaine, not being able to hold her grandkids, and today she made measurable progress towards her "normal" life.

Elaine had therapy this morning. She was a little distracted and had the giggles for some reason. She also came clean about a little "lie" she told Paul a few days ago. Here is how the story goes:

P: Why are you always singing?
E: I love to sing. (she sings often and very random songs)
P: (looking at the piano in their house) Do you also play the piano?
E: Yes!
P: You play and sing? Well I know you don't sing that well but do you sing when you play?
E: Yep
P: So at Christmas does your family all sit around singing while you play?
E: Yes they do (she says with a smile)
    (now we can barely write this with a straight face)

Elaine confessed to all of us that she had told a lie and today she decided to let Paul in on the truth:)

After her confession, Staci and Brian picked Elaine up for lunch. Ben met us, too. Elaine wanted to walk into Neiman's after and then we went home to pick up Bella. Elaine really wanted to surprise Christi at school by picking her up from school. It was a double surprise for Christi - Nammie picked her up and so did Bella. Christi was so excited and walked proudly with both of them, introducing them to her friends and teachers. Christi has shared Elaine's story with her friends at school so they were excited to meet little Mighty Mite in person.

Elaine went home for a nap after her very busy afternoon. She is taking some pain medication to help with Little Darlin' which is providing some relief. She has been in constant, intense pain and that is wearing her down, too.

She woke up and baked some cookies with some help from Franny. Julie and Richie were coming over for dinner for the last time tonight. They are leaving tomorrow for Montana. The house smelled delicious. Elaine has her (hopefully) last CT scan in the morning on her lungs and then two hours of therapy. She has had a very busy week. It is hard to keep up with her and her busy schedule. We can't figure out, for as ill as she is, where she finds all her energy.

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