Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Elaine had another busy day today! She finally had a really good night of sleep! She started a new nerve drug called Neurontin. Hopefully, this will help with Little Darlin's pain. After getting ready for the day, Allison stopped in for a visit from LA. She brought with a huge bag of delicious treats that Elaine has been enjoying all day. Allison was so excited to see how well Elaine was doing, and despite seeing her on the blog Allison thought she looked so much better in person

Elaine and Fred then headed to Hoag for her two hour therapy session. She had a new therapist today. She explained to Elaine that everyone is fighting to work with Elaine. They have such admiration for her determination and dedication. Her progress is remarkable and the therapists used the word "miracle"! They worked Little Darlin' some more as well as her golf turn. Check on this video:

It must have really inspired Elaine. Staci dropped off what we hope is the last load from the old house, which as you can imagine by now is useless odds and ends - oh amd MORE lamps! Then, Fred and Elaine headed down to the putting green so Elaine could practice the real thing. It was very exciting! She had lots of admirers and well wishers come by as well. She started by just putting with one hand but Fred and Jake encouraged her to use both hands, and she did very well! Elaine rode around while they played nine holes and she would putt on some of the greens. Elaine said to Fred, "honey you hit the ball and get me on the green and I'll putt. We would be a really good team!" Fred agreed that his score would come down at least nine shots with Elaine putting. If you don't believe it, check out this amazing video! 

Nearly 14 weeks ago, Elaine was bedridden and not sure she would ever walk again, much less play golf. And now, she is out there sinking putts. It is inspiring and amazing. We are so proud of Elaine and all the hard work she is putting in. It is hard for her to see her progression so we remind her of just how far she has come. Considering the magnitude of the situation, the fact that she has been boiling eggs for Fred, holding Brian, and putting on the green just in the last week is truly unbelievable and something Elaine was not sure she would ever be able to do again. She is slowly getting back her life - again, a life she wasn't sure she would ever know! The word Proud doesn't begin to sum up how we feel, and the title hero doesn't do her justice! 

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