Tuesday, April 17, 2012


April 17, 2012

No pain, no gain? Unfortunately, that seems to be the case lately for Elaine - especially when it comes to Little Darlin'. Elaine is battling some pretty intense, and non-stop, pain in her left arm. We remain confident that the pain comes from the nerves reawakening, but we sure wish the actual hurting would lighten up. It was so awful today that this morning's Occupational Therapy was cancelled.

Despite the pain, Elaine fought through another long and productive day. She went to therapy at Hoag where she absolutely kicked ass and impressed everyone who was there to watch. Check out these videos of her dominating at the arm row and then successfully mastered the Rocket!

After an incredible therapy session (especially given the level of pain coming from Little Darlin'), Elaine and Fred headed over to Pizzeria Mozza for some gourmet pizza and out of this world Budino dessert. There they ran in to Staci who was enjoying a birthday lunch with Taylor and Ben (Thanks to Fred for surprising us with the Budino and for buying lunch!).

Following a delicious lunch, Elaine and Fred headed back up the coast to see Dr. Bae for a check-in. They are working on a few options for the pain. But mostly, the doctor was completely floored by Elaine's progress just since her last visit. He says that there is no doubt that she is a walking miracle, and that this miracle only is coming true thanks to her unmatched and unbelievable work ethic and desire to get her life back. He tells that a lot of people give up and become satisfied with a lack of progress, but not Elaine. She is truly one of a kind!!

Elaine went home after that and took a much deserved rest before a big night on the town to celebrate Staci's birthday! The whole crew piled into cars and headed over to Fleming's for steaks and ice cream birthday cake. Happy Birthday to Staci who was so grateful to spend the evening with her favorite people in the world. And a quick congratulations to Fred and Richie who both took down two pieces of cake after some pretty big meals.

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  1. Happy Birthday Staci!! You are a Phenomenal Woman, and I hope this coming year will be as awesome as you, a personal Best Year Ever!!