Monday, April 9, 2012


April 9, 2012

Carry over. That is today's word. Fred and Elaine left the desert today, but their spirit lingered on. Elaine's courage through this ordeal has been amazing and her willpower has been contagious. Our great friend Drew epitomizes the multi-generational appeal of Elaine! She has not taken the bracelet off since she received it!

To emphasize the adult appeal of Elaine, her great friend Pat ordered a round of drinks to celebrate the progress!

Elaine had a wonderful weekend in the desert. She was exhausted and Little Darlin' was tried and achey from all the attention! We were all touched by everyone that visited, said hello, or called. It gave Elaine so much strength and felt she felt so much love. She was anxious to get back to therapy, which starts early tomorrow morning and continue on with her amazing progress. She wants her life back!

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