Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 3, 2012

It was a perfect Saturday in Newport. Elaine spent the day with visitors. She enjoyed lunch by the pool at Pelican Hill. There was no ”official” therapy today as Paul was out of town at a conference, but Elaine still spent a big chunk of her day walking around getting stronger.

Elaine enjoyed some laughs and good times with the McDowells and the Boyers. In an amazing bit of trivia, it turns our that Genentech, which was founded by Herb Boyer, developed tPA.  tPA is the clot-busting drug that saved Elaine’s life.  We applaud Herb’s decision making process and ability!!

 While at the pool, Elaine had the chance to watch Christi and Taylor swim, and also watch crazy Brian essentially try to drown himself.

Shana and Jaci also made a visit to Elaine today, and that certainly made her smile even a little bigger.

After a full day of visitors, Elaein was heading over to dinner at Julie’s for a home-cooked meal!

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