Sunday, March 11, 2012


March 11, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It is not a day of rest for Elaine. Fred and Elaine were up early and at their old house measuring furniture.  Then they were off to the new place to see what will fit. We officially started the moving in process today. WOW, do they have a lot of colorful clothes! I am sure you find that shockingJ Ben. Staci, and Jake got a good start on the move while Elaine and Fred stayed as involved as possible. They are anxious to get into their new house!

After the measuring and instructions at the new house, Elaine rushed back to meet P for a two-hour therapy session. She did awesome and tackled the stairs today. She is continuing to work on her walking technique as well as picking up her pace. She practiced walking “normal style” up and down the stairs today, too. We are trying to figure out where she gets her energy!

Untitled from Ben Francois on Vimeo.

She has another busy emotional and physical week ahead as she continues down the path towards recovery  - and instructs us where to put their stuff. She also has a few doctors’ appointments. Never a dull moment here!

This video is dedicated to all you members of the birdie club. Get your dollars ready (especially you Pat)!

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