Thursday, March 15, 2012


March 15, 2012

Elaine had her first visit with her neurologist since she was discharged from Hoag. He was the doctor that told us she likely wouldn’t walk again. Elaine WALKED into his office today for her appointment!! We wish we could have video-taped his expression. He was surprised, shocked, and shocked some more. He couldn’t help but smile. Here was their first minute:

Elaine: "Will I be 100% again?"

Dr: "No one can tell you with certainty how your recovery will end up. You are doing amazingly. I am shocked, excited, and surprised at your progress. Let me tell you, people that have your type of stroke, often die. The fact that you are alive is really great. You are doing really well. You need to continue to work really hard and continue moving in the same direction."

It was a GREAT day! 

Tonight is the final night in the Villa for Fred and Elaine. Their new home is ready for them, and the TVs will be up and running by tip-off tomorrow evening - which means Fred can finally sleep thereJ The house looks really beautiful and they are both ready to go home! Everyone has worked hard this week to get it all ready, especially Fred, wanting all of Elaine’s favorite pieces on display and her “stuff” exactly where she wants it. Everyone, excluding Fred and Elaine, made big bets that the furniture wouldn’t fit. We have all admitted defeat and conceded that they definitely know best! They are excited to show you their new home.

It was a day to celebrate for sure and we so proud of Elaine! Her hard work is paying off and she continues to amaze and inspire. Our biggest challenge with her continues to be getting her enough rest! We hope when she is on her own couch, she will take some time to relax. 

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