Wednesday, March 28, 2012


March 28, 2012

The day started with a wonderful two-hour therapy session with Paul. We wish we could have shared an entire video of their banter. They have a really fun relationship and manage to entertain each other day-in and day-out. He spends most of the two hours in awe of Elaine’s determination - and her feistiness.

Staci came over after therapy to take Elaine to lunch.
Staci: “What sounds good for lunch? Want me to go pick something up or do you want to go out?”
Elaine: “I want a milkshake! Doesn’t that sound so good!”
S: “Sure, what else do you want?”
E: “a milkshake.”
S: “You can’t have just a milkshake for lunch. Remember you have to eat healthy too. Do you want a burger or something with your shake?”
E: “not really.”
S: “ok well how about a salad or sandwich?”
E: “ where can I get a really good milkshake?”
S: “ I will go get you the shake but what do you want to eat????”

We settled on a peanut butter and honey sandwich at home and  . . . 

Staci went to get the shake. 

Elaine took a nap and then headed to Textures Salon. She is amazing, trying to get back to a "normal"life and always so conscious of how she looks. Looking at her, you would never guess the hell she has been through and is still going through. She is our idol! 

She wanted to spruce up her hair and Fred was trying to talk her into cutting her hair really short. As you know, she has A LOT of hair and Fred has to dry it after each wash. She did get a cut, but not super short. She looks beautiful! 

We had to send her Coumadin to the salon with her. Staci had everyone in there set their alarms so no one would forget. At 4:45, Elaine was the first to remember then everyone’s phone alarms went off  - plus Staci calling and then Fred. It was quite funny, but better than forgetting! Laura and her assistants couldn’t have been nicer to Elaine and did a wonderful job on her hair.

Staci has been trying different recipes this week, in hopes of making food sound good again to Elaine. Tonight was Christi’s taco recipe and everyone enjoyed it! We are a family of picky eaters so a recipe that all seven of us like is hard to come by!

Tomorrow, Elaine has her assessment at Hoag and then more therapy. We are anxious to see what her assessment will show, although we can see the improvements first hand. We are just trying to keep up with her, literally!

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