Tuesday, March 6, 2012


March 6, 2012

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Elaine’s day started early this morning with a visit to Hoag for in-patient therapy.  Her performance was simply wonderful. Fred couldn’t believe his eyes. He was in complete awe of her abilities.

The therapist quickly got a taste for what type of person Elaine is, and he LOVES working with her (as you can imagine). A patient who is willing and wanting to work hard after going through such a major incident is rare. The therapist was again shocked by her progress and also agreed that Elaine will make a FULL recovery -something NO doctor/nurse/therapist EVER thought possible! Elaine was very encouraged after her session, and she was able to see her progress compared to other patients as well. Truly incredible!

After therapy, Elaine went home to greet her friends Pat and Joanie who drove over from the desert. Joanie prepared delicious homemade soup that the girls enjoyed for lunch as they chatted about current events. It was a fun afternoon for Elaine. As the girls were leaving, Pat, who has visited almost weekly, was in awe of her Elaine’s progress.  Elaine’s improved condition actually brought them both to tears. As she was hugging Pat goodbye, here was their exchange:

Pat : “We will be having a putting contest before you know it.”
Elaine: “Yes, get ready for me!”
Pat: “I better get my money ready.”
Elaine: “Well you should have lots of money with all you’ve saved the last 6 weeks!”

Unfortunately, this afternoon wasn’t as much fun! Elaine has had a headache all afternoon. They were planning to go over to Julie’s to grill up some delicious burgers that Maureen brought up Sunday. Elaine wasn’t feeling up to that. We have received several different opinions as to why she is having headaches. The possible explanations include: a side effect from the stroke, over tired, or potentially her brain trying to recover and catch up with the progress her body is making. As one doctor put it, her quick progress is nothing short of a miracle and not something they ever see. Her brain might be working overtime trying to catch up. Her brain is also trying to compensate for what was lost as a result from the stroke. She is such a fighter and it’s so hard to keep her down.

Maybe this is her body telling her it needs rest! 

Congratulations to Lisa and JT who had beautiful TWIN girls today!   They showed up earlier than expected, but mom and babies are healthy and happy!  We are so happy for them!!

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