Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 21, 2012

Elaine’s new attitude continued today and even her therapist noticed. He was as excited as we all are that she finally believes she is going to get better and just how lucky she is. He told her that if she could compare herself to other people in her same situation, she would understand our amazement at her progress. He also reminded her how lucky she is to have so many family and friends loving and supporting her. He said he has never seen anything like the support she is receiving. He understands why she is so loved!

Elaine’s two hour therapy session included walking up and down their stairs (three times!!) and working on balancing a ball on a tray using both hands (even Franny couldn’t do it). She also explained to Paul that she intends to wear high heels again. He laughed, thinking (out loud) “no way” but he has learned that if she has her mind set on something, nothing will derail that train, even statistics! In an attempt to prepare her for her heels, he put ping pong balls under her heels and had her stand on them. I don’t think there is any doubt that when she is recovered, she will be not only wearing high heels, but dancing in them!

Staci, Elaine, and Brian went out to lunch at True Food Kitchen. They had a delicious lunch and Brian and Elaine even dressed alike. At one point during lunch, Elaine and Brian were blowing air at each other through straws across the table. We are used to everyone starting at us anyway and at least this was actually a speech therapy exercise. I’m not sure who had more fun. :)

After lunch, Elaine rested for a little then Julie and Bella (their dog) came for a visit. Fred and Richie played golf, and then they all had a nice dinner together filled with lots of laughter. 

Elaine has a doctor appointment in the morning. I am sure she will continue to amaze them! 

Tonight seems like a perfect opportunity to again thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. The outpouring of love our family has felt has given us so much strength through this very difficult time. Elaine has cherished each and every visit, card, call, email, message, floral arrangement, and all the goodies she has received. It has truly been incredible to feel the love and compassion you have all given to Elaine, and to all of us. We all feel so lucky to have such strong friendships that have certainly been tested over the past few months! You have stepped up and been there for us all and we will never forget it! It gives Elaine gets so much strength each day hearing from all of you . Your words of encouragement and your friendship get her through each day and increase her burning desire to get better! This started almost 8 weeks ago and the love and support she still feels is priceless. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU! 

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