Monday, March 12, 2012


March 12, 2012

Another day, another step towards recovery! Elaine does more in a day in her condition than most healthy people! She had a great two-hour therapy session, went to the new house to redirect some kitchen placement, watched a movie, and then went to Julie and Richie’s for dinner. She has done a ton of walking today and still looks as beautiful as ever.

As mentioned, Fred and Elaine are moving. Elaine is determined to fit all of her furniture into one room that previously occupied three larger rooms. The past month and a half has proven just how determined she can be. There is no arguing with her on this one. This video shows her practicing what we believe she will have to do tomorrow in order to make all of her furniture to fit in the spots she thinks it will.

Each day Elaine gets a little stronger. Today, she even gave Fred a massage. He has definitely earned it. While on the phone with us this morning, they were arguing about which makeup goes first and why she needs all her creams. Fred has certainly displayed that patience is in fact one of his virtues, something we weren’t sure was true before this.

In other odd news, Elaine has been having some very funny dreams since her stoke. A few nights ago she dreamed she was run over by a car because she couldn’t cross the street fast enough. We have joked that it was probably because Fred tends to cuss everyone on the road to get out of HIS way.

Wish us luck tomorrow as we transform their house into a furniture showroomJ

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  1. LOL! Something tells me the furniture will fit. :)