Thursday, March 22, 2012


March 22, 2012

Another great doctor's report today! It has been two weeks since she saw her physician. He and his nurse were in complete amazement. Not only did she walk in without a cane, but she did so at a much quicker pace than anyone expected (it must be all of that encouragement from Fred - "No Moping!").

He said to see her walking the way she is after only 6 weeks of therapy is incredible. It typically takes months and months to make any walking progress, much less walking as well as she does. Elaine was most excited that he took her off her diuretic medications. That means less trips to the bathroom for Elaine and Fred! Since they have been so joined at the hip, when one has to go, so does the other!  That might be a little TMI, but at this point, we are all family right?

The appointment went great, and Elaine's Coumadin level finally seems to be evening out. Fred is now the official blood drawer in the family. This morning they had a little trouble with the finger prick. After two failed attempts, they decided to let the doctor do it. The problem has been fixed, and Fred is ready to try again on Tuesday.

Fred and Elaine had a nice afternoon relaxing before the NCAA basketball tournement started. Richie and Julie came over to watch the games and have dinner. Julie brought over a wonderful meal, which was especially good news for Staci (the lead grocery shopper) and Franny (the cook). Elaine set the table and even helped prepare the food with some assistance from Julie. Her good humor and positive attitude continued. The four of them have so much fun together that laughter must have been heard throughout all of Big Canyon. They might be getting their second violation notice soon!

Staci and the kids stopped in for a whirlwind visit, enough time for the kids to raid the lazy susan and leave an evidence trail behind. Elaine, just before a nap, said she was not going to worry about her house being so clean or a pillow out of place.  Stay tuned to see how long that lasts!

Fred does leave a trail of his air puffs (we don’t listen to his claims that they are food, it is nothing but flavored air) everywhere he goes, and (so far) Elaine doesn’t mind a bit. She is just happy to be alive and finally feeling like SHE is seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Little Darlin’ has been really sore the last few days. It could be a combination of muscle fatigue, new movements, cooler weather - any number of changes in her body really. She put a brace on today and that seemed to ease the pain a little. Hopefully, Paul will be able to stretch it out for her tomorrow.

Her brain is still trying to train itself to send signals from a new part of the brain. The damage from her stroke was significant, which makes us marvel at the way the body and brain works even more. She literally is relearning to use her left arm and leg. Her persistence, determination, and hard work make it possible, with a huge help from her biggest supporter and cheerleader, Fred. They are quite a team!

Sleep well, therapy starts bright and early tomorrow!

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  1. These updates are such an inspiration to me. Every time I think about things that are troubling me, like physical challenges, I remember Elaine and ponder on all she is accomplishing; her achievements give me hope, strength, and courage to go on. Thank you!