Tuesday, March 20, 2012


March 20, 2012

Elaine woke up this morning and said, “I really believe I am going to get better!” She said it with conviction and belief.  She had an extra skip in her step today and stood a little taller. Another big event happened today! Anyone who has called her has likely noticed that when she answers the phone, she answers with this awkward, exasperated voice like she is holding her nose and says a drawn out shouting HEEELLLOOOO. We spent some time trying to break that habit today, per Elaine’s request. Her personality was out today!

Her morning started off with a special treat from our dear friends Christi and Morgan. They drove up from San Diego to see Elaine and she really enjoyed their company. They shared some laughs about some funny stories from the past. They shared some boy stories with us and told us that Brian’s crazy phase will only last another year and a half. That didn’t make us feel betterJ

Taylor and Elaine played a card game that Taylor made up. Taylor was trying to get Little Darlin’ more involved in the game and then she said, “Ok, just use Mr. Hand instead.” Apparently her right hand has now been given a name, too. Taylor was so sweet trying to give Nammie a table to use. Watching them, we are pretty sure they were both just making up things as they went. They had a good time doing it, and it seemed to make sense to them.

Elaine then went to the esthetician. One of her least favorite things is getting in and out of Staci’s BIG car, but with all the practice and her advanced exercises, it is getting much easier for her.

She then enjoyed a fun visit from MJ, who was in from the desert. MJ is always happy and so pleasant to be around. She brings positive energy with her.

Elaine had a great day. She is ready for therapy tomorrow and to continue on with her no holds barred attitude and working towards getting better! She never ceases to amaze us! It was so incredible today to start to see the old Elaine coming back. We will never tire of saying or believing what a true miracle she is! 

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  1. The progress is amazing, keep it up Elaine. Still wearing my awesome pink bracelet!

    See you soon!!!