Friday, March 16, 2012


March 16, 2012

Oh what a night! Fred and Elaine are spending their first night in their new home tonight. They are so excited! It was been seven weeks today since Elaine’s stoke. Not in a million years would anyone have believed that Elaine would be where she is today. It’s a bigger surprise than Lehigh beating Duke! Then again, no one would bet against Elaine!

Staci and Elaine went to have a much needed massage this morning. As the doctor told Elaine yesterday, rest, and stretching and loosening your muscles are equally as important as therapy. She felt much better this afternoon. Elaine, Fred and Richie were excited to enjoy basketball and tacos in the new digs!

Elaine starts therapy again tomorrow after two days of rest. She is ready to go, a little excited she likely won’t have to do a ton of walking since the weather is calling for rain. We are also going to learn how to use her home blood test kit to monitor her Coumadin level. We were still working on getting it regulated. 

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