Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March 27, 2012

It was busy day for Elaine. Fred and Elaine headed to Hoag for physical therapy this morning.  Her therapist worked her really hard. He focused on her left leg exclusively. He had her trying to be really conscious of bearing equal weight on both legs. He worked with her on walking at a quicker pace and turning around more “normally.” She did great! She even advanced to an elliptical type machine, again with the sole focus on her left leg, and did incredibly well. She was sore and tired after. After you watch the video, you will understand why! 

Kevin, who drove down from LA to see Elaine stopped by before her quiet time. He was so happy to see her doing so well and shocked by her progress. He is anxious to get her back out on the golf course to redeem himself. Last time they were partners, he didn’t hold up his end of the team. After seeing her in person, he is confident he will get his chance at redemption with Nammie again!

Monica and Nancy, her friends from Rancho Santa Fe, came up this afternoon as well. They couldn’t get over her progress and appearance. Monica is also a doctor and even she put her through a few tests. Elaine passed with flying colors! They assured her that they believe she will make a full recovery and reminded her to think about her incredible progress and how amazing she is. Fred and Elaine were so thrilled to have seen them and they really boosted Elaine's spirits. It was a wonderful afternoon!

The parade continued until dinner as Richie and Julie brought over their son and two grandkids, soon to be joined by Staci and her circus. They brought lots of noise and sunshine into the house. Then everyone was quick to get out and let them enjoy a quiet dinner and hopefully an early night after their big day.

We couldn’t be more proud of both Fred and Elaine. They are in this together and exemplify what true love is all about. Elaine and Fred feel so much love from you all. Thank you!

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