Monday, March 26, 2012


March 26, 2012

The rest appears to be helping! Elaine felt less dizzy today and enjoyed a day full of therapy, company, and her family. She started off this morning with therapy, which went well. She even walked up a hill today, which definitely wore her out, but she did it! It was awesome and she was excited. She continues to make great strides (literally and figuratively) in her recovery. She is getting sick of therapy and her new routine of therapy, rest, and therapy again. She knows that it is what she has to do, and that the reason she is recovering so well is because of her hard work. Her frustration is understandable, but her determination is incredible!

Fred and Elaine had a wonderful afternoon lunch with their good friends who drive up from Del Mar. Ron, Tami, Jim, and Sue (who has visited often and first-hand witnessed her progression) were amazed at her beauty - and her progress. Fred and Elaine were grateful for the company and appreciative of the effort it took to come up the coast. 

Elaine had some quiet time this afternoon( a new two-hour block we are incorporating into her day). She still has a hard time getting comfortable since she is always in pain, especially in her left arm, but at least she gets her feet up and relaxes. Her brain needs a break, too It is constantly in over-drive trying to keep up with all her requests and aspirations.

Staci made dinner for everyone tonight, and then Natalie stopped by for a visit before she heads to the desert for the Dina Shore. She will be sporting her pink ETS wrist band this week which should bring her the luck she needs to win the trophy - the missing pieceJ Good luck Nat! We are we are cheering for you, and we are a loud group!

Elaine goes back to Hoag tomorrow for her therapy and hopefully some more zip lining, if she behaves!

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