Sunday, March 18, 2012


March 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday was anything but for Elaine and her crew. On the advice to GET MORE REST from just about everyone, Elaine had the day off from therapy. That doesn’t mean it was all rest and relaxation. Every move she makes requires so much physical and mental energy. She never gets a break! Not to mention the constant reminders from everyone to stand up straight, keep her leg straight, don't forget about Little Darlin', and the list goes on. We know she's going to whack one of us with her cane soon:) Taylor did spend some of the evening trying to teach Little Darlin' how to snap. Just what Elaine wants, one more therapist!

Fred and Elaine went out into the high winds for brunch at Big Canyon. Then, they went back to the house where Staci, Ben, and the kids came by to say hello. The original plan was to have dinner over there, but Brian was on a search for destruction that was too difficult to corral so we initiated a venue change to Staci and Ben’s house.

This is going to sound odd, but we “won” the tickets in a charity auction - Fred and Staci sat on the ice tonight at the Anaheim Ducks hockey game. While they were out, Ben hosted Elaine and the crazy kids for dinner. It was a bit of circus and Elaine helped out by distracting kids and getting them to eat dinner before their dad lost his mind. Ben was hoping Daddy would arrive with extra candy tonight, no such luck! Elaine was ready for her's and her quiet house. She is always a trooper. Thanks Ben for babysitting. It was nice to get Fred out tonight too. He can cross a hockey game on the ice off his bucket list. 

It was a fun night with a house full of monkeys as evidenced by the photo below!

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