Wednesday, March 7, 2012


March 7, 2012

Elaine woke up with a slight headache this morning, but it was under control before her therapy session started. She had another productive session performing her (buzz word) “advanced exercises.” Be sure and watch the video (with sound) of her walking unassisted and making great strides, literally! She had a two-hour workout including more step-ups and using the therabands. Little Darlin’ is getting more into the mix as well and making improvements daily.

After therapy, Elaine visited with her friends, Linda and Diane, who drove up from the desert. They even brought their dog to visit and be inspired by Elaine.  They filled her in on what she is not missing, and echoed everyone’s sentiment that the club is not the same with Fred and Elaine and to hurry back!

Elaine listened to her body and enjoyed a two-hour nap this afternoon. She woke up feeling refreshed, and then Fred and Elaine had a wonderful dinner together. She started to get a headache but “Daddy” was prepared with medicine and they caught it quickly. It was a good day!

We are so grateful for all your continued prayers and positive thoughts. Please pray for Ashley tonight. She has a BIG meeting with her doctor in the morning to go over her scan results from Monday. Think positive thoughts. She deserves some good news! Please also pray for baby Sizemore (twin B we talked about yesterday). She is in the NICU due to some fluid in her lungs but on the road to recovery! 

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