Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 4, 2012

Sunday, the day of rest. Usually, Sunday is Elaine’s day off – no therapy, no extra hard work. Sometimes between Monday and Saturday, Elaine starts talking about Sundays. With a day like today, we know why. She slept in this morning. The weather was absolutely perfect. There was no therapy on her schedule. She visited with friends. She ended the day with a home cooked meal hot off the grill. Seems pretty obvious why she favors Sundays. 

Elaine, the determined soul she is, is anxious to get back to her therapy treatments. Fred does a wonderful job of having her practice her newly acquired skills. We marvel at the confidence he has in her abilities, and she has definitely earned them. He encouraged her to greet her guests at the door today, and she did! Consistently, every friend that has visited says, “You have to see her in person to believe what remarkable progress she has made.” Elaine is undoubtedly a medical miracle.

Their morning started as usual with Fred boiling his eggs and preparing Elaine a delicious breakfast consisting of a bowl of cereal and banana. He has learned to pour the perfect amount of milk in the bowl.

John and Carol drove up and had a wonderful visit with Fred and Elaine. A few hours later, Allen and Maureen stopped by. They brought delicious goodies. Unfortunately, they were so busy catching up and eyeing the Bundt Cake that Fred forgot to take a picture! When Staci or Ben aren’t around, sometimes the pictures are forgotten, so we are asking for your help to remind them when you visitJ

Fred, Elaine, Richie, and Julie came over to the Francois chaos for dinner. We had a wonderful time! It is so much fun to see Elaine out, and we loved having them over. The music was going, we sat outside enjoying the perfect weather, and the kids were running wild with excitement having Nammie over as well as Bella “the Smith/Francois family dog” that Julie has been kind enough to share.

Elaine has battled a headache all weekend. We are trying to get her more rest. She looks so beautiful, it’s hard for anyone to remember just how sick she is and has been. No one hates being sick more than Elaine does. Her little body is trying to recover and heal. She is quite simply amazing! We love her so much and want nothing more than to help with her recovery! We hope Daddy and Elaine have a restful night!  

Daddy handed out her nightly “candy” and she is tucked away in bed ready to take on the world tomorrow. She left tonight saying, “Who’s got it better than us, NOBODY.” We believe that too. The hand we’ve been dealt isn’t what anyone wished for, but its what we have and we will beat it with Elaine driving the ship. She was at the dinner tonight with people that love her unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Elaine, you are so loved and you have given so much love to so many. Fred calls it a “privilege” to help and Julie calls it a “gift.” No matter how long the road to recovery is; it’s not long enough for any of us to ever repay you for all you’ve done for us!

Elaine wanted this picture from yesterday included! (To us, it looks like Little Darlin' has a mind of her own!)

Much love from us all, and thank you for your love, support, and prayers!
Fred, Elaine, Ben, and Staci

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