Monday, March 5, 2012


March 5, 2012

Elaine continued to impress today and live up to her self-inflicted expectation of  “advanced” exercises. She had a wonderful physical therapy session this morning. The therapist came armed with more advanced exercises, and Elaine was able to handle them all exceptionally well. One particular exercise that especially impressed us was when she basically did a step up and had her right leg on a chair (dining chair so you have perspective on how high it was) while bearing all her weight on her left leg (her affected leg). It was VERY impressive to watch. 

Elaine then went on to push Julie in the wheel chair up and down a slight incline outside so they could enjoy the beautiful day. It was a nice way for Julie to start off her 34th wedding anniversary. Julie and Elaine joked that they are practicing for when they are old and pushing each other around trying to remember where they live. They are the new version of the Golden Girls!

This video shows Elaine pushing Julie. Her steps are really improving, and she is working hard to keep Little Darlin’ involved. LD tends to have a mind of her own, and you will notice her trying to keep a grip on the wheelchair. It’s probably the most difficult part for her.

After her two-hour workout, Elaine enjoyed a protein-filled lunch and a little down time before her evaluation at Hoag Rehab Center. Not to anyone’s surprise, she dazzled the evaluating therapist. They said her progress is astounding, and they expect her to make a full recovery based on her dedication, attitude, and progress so far. She even showed off some of her Pilates moves there. Her therapy going forward will focus primarily on Occupational and Speech rehabilitation. She will go to Hoag twice a week and continue working with her physical therapist 4 days a week. Yes, you did the math correctly, she WANTS to workout 7 days a week. Bound and determined!

We try and remind Elaine each day her how proud we are of her. None of us can imagine what she is going through, emotionally and physically, yet she continues on, fighting for every step and determined not to let this beat her. Why do crappy things happen to good people? We will ever know! Unfortunately, the list of crappy things that have happened to amazing people we know is much too long. Many of you have said Elaine inspires you and please know, how much you inspire her too! 

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