Saturday, March 31, 2012


March 31, 2012

We'll start today's blog with one of the greatest quotes we have heard that sort of relates to Elaine's determination and strength of character. One of Fred and Elaine's friends said,

"Elaine, you are truly amazing. I admire your unbelievable determination and courage. It is much better than I could do. If this would have happened to me, I just would have laid in bed and eaten bon-bons until I exploded!"

Elaine had a great (and tough) therapy session today. She spent her time walking up and down the stairs - pretty amazing progress! One of the funny things that happened was how Elaine would be heading up the stairs and she would realize that she had forgotten Little Darlin' - who was still attached to the railing a few stairs back. She was able to do a squat today that she has been working on unsuccessfully since her first day of therapy. She was so excited to see and experience the progress firsthand. She still has a grin on her face!

The rest of the day was filled with some visitors including Freddy and Mynda and family who were in town for a volleyball tournament.

After therapy, Fred and Elaine tried to get some well-deserved rest while watching golf. They were watching and cheering for Natalie who was sporting an ETS bracelet at the Dinah Shore down in the desert.

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