Friday, March 30, 2012


TGIF. Friday is Elaine's day off from therapy, and we were happy to see her have a day of rest. She has been busting her butt all week at therapy and she definitely needed some time off. She was even able to take a nap today! Just like the doctor ordered.

Of course, Elaine would never settle for doing nothing ALL day. She even mixed in a visitor. Sharon came by to spend some time. She also brought an interesting gift. It is a glove that Elaine can wear on her left hand! It has pretty painted fingernails, a ring, and will be good practice for Little Darlin' as she increases her role in Elaine's life. The photo below is worth a thousand words.

After a relaxing day, Elaine added all kinds of excitement to her life by heading to Staci and Ben's for dinner with everyone - including Richie and Julie (and Bella) and their son, Scott, and his two children, Ally and Tyler. And of course, the Francois children were in attendance. The whole crew had a great time with a ton of laughs while the kids ran around for hours.

On the rehab front, Elaine continues to work on incorporating Little Darlin' into her daily activities. It is a struggle, but we can see marked improvement even since yesterday. It was nice for to work on things at her pace today (and Fred's pace) after a grueling week of daily two-hour therapy sessions. But no rest for Elaine. She is back at it again tomorrow, and she is ready to take on the world!

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