Friday, March 9, 2012


March 8, 2012

Elaine had a wonderful and relaxing day today. Her legs, specifically her calves, were really tight from all of her walking. She has been walking on a slight incline, which adds to the stress on her legs. Her traps (her neck muscles) have been particularly sore. The doctor believes that her neck pain/tightness could also be contributing to her headaches. As spa day was definitely in order – especially since it was Elaine’s day off from therapy.

Elaine and Julie enjoyed a relaxing morning starting off with a massage then manicures and pedicures followed by lunch. Elaine was exhausted after that and ready for a nice nap!

Elaine agreed to her mandatory rest time insisted upon by her loved ones, and felt rested when she woke. Fred, Elaine, Julie, Richie, Ron, and Michelle then went to dinner at Big Canyon and had a wonderful dinner and conversation.

It was a virtual parade of well-wishers at dinner as tons of people came by the table to check on Elaine. Each and everyone of them was astonished by how beautiful she looked and how much progress she had made in such a short time.  In between visitors, we are certain that there were lots of laughs at that table!

We start the move-in process tomorrow, and we know Elaine will be a little anxious that she isn’t controlling exactly where things go.  We just hope she is happy when she finally gets into her new home.  

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  1. So excited for you all, both with Elaine's amazing progress, and the move into the new place!! How wonderfully God has blessed!!

    I got my bracelets today!! Thanks so much Staci. The bracelet is on my wrist, a bit snug right now, but it will grow looser as I lose the weight. Every time I look at it, I will be encouraged, knowing what Elaine has been thru, and where she is now. Thanks again!