Friday, June 1, 2012


Today was a monumental day! It was a day that neither Fred nor Elaine will forget and a day that brought strong emotions and tears of joy to Fred. Elaine showered for the first time alone today! She was so excited and overcame her fears and did it. After that, she dressed herself and more importantly, put her bra on by herself (there is no such thing is too much information anymore). This is a pretty incredible feat considering her left arm is still not very mobile (but improving). She snapped it in the front for those wondering how it was possible. Just another example of her determination and her perseverance. She is amazing and becoming more independent each day.

Staci met Fred for a quick lunch this afternoon and Fred was choked up again as he retold the story. It was not long ago when we weren't sure she was going to live, or even get out of bed. Just over four months later, look at all that she has accomplished. Fred and Elaine have been an incredible team throughout this process and to see such a milestone of independence happen today was very emotional and exciting! Sorry, no pictures of this accomplishment:)

Friday means a day off of therapy for Elaine. She took to retail therapy instead. Pat drove over from the desert to spend the day with Elaine. Elaine was really excited, but not as excited at the stores as Fashion Island were to see her! They had so much fun. The shopped until Pat dropped and laughed the entire time. They shopped, had a delicious lunch, followed by carrot cake and then shopped some more. Eventually, Elaine did wear Pat down so they headed back to Elaine's for some quality time on the patio relaxing and laughing before she drove home.

Pat, who has visited more times than we can count, has witnessed first hand the miracle of Elaine. She was so impressed with how positive her attitude is and said it was contagious. Elaine truly believes that she is going to be back to her old self, and so do we!!! Pat laughed at how much they accomplished at the mall because Elaine doesn't try on clothes until she gets home so they get through the stores quickly. Here is proof of the damage they did.

Elaine is exhausted and in bed early tonight. Little Darlin' is sore from yesterday and Fred had a horrible night with his legs so they had a restless night of sleep. Elaine had such a wonderful day and feels so lucky to have Pat in her life! We wish Fred, Elaine (and Pat) a full night of sleep. 

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