Monday, June 25, 2012


Elaine had an exciting day. Her toes have continued to cause more problems and are really affecting her walking ability, as well as causing a lot of pain. Fred decided come hell or high water, he was going to find a doctor that would give her botox. He didn't disappoint!

Elaine did her two hour therapy session, pushing her way through it. Paul tried to loosen up her toes without much success. Fred called at noon with the great news that they were heading to Hoag shortly. He was in San Deigo with Ben for a meeting and they were racing back. Below is a photo of her toes. You can see how crooked her big toe is and completely covers her other toe. It is even more painful than it looks.

They got in to see the doctor and they loved him. He is a neurologist and had wonderful bedside manner and was very caring. He spent a lot of time with them, going through her history and especially the last few months. He was amazed at how well Elaine is doing and believes that she will make a full recovery! That is music to our ears! He also believes that the botox will help! He said it will take a few times to really make a difference. He injects the nerve that runs up her leg. Today he started at the bottom of her leg, just above her ankle and each visit will continue to go up her leg. He also believes the botox will help the spasticity in her leg, which is really exciting for Elaine too! Spasticity is tightening and stiffness of her muscles that she can't control. She goes back again next Monday. The visit continued to get better. He had some extra botox left so she asked him to put it in her face. It was a great day and we continue to be very optimistic! Here you can see the injection spots as he begins to work his way up her leg on this nerve that controls her toe. 

Fred and Elaine came over to the Francois house for some stuffed peppers and to see Christi, who returned home safely this afternoon after a very fun filled weekend. She shared stories and videos and kept Nammie and Ampa very entertained. It was great to have a family dinner tonight! 

Thank you Fred for continuing to fight for Elaine and thank you Elaine for inspiring us daily! You are both amazing!

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