Saturday, June 16, 2012


Elaine had a very busy today. It all started with a serious therapy session. There was a ton of focus on her left hand today. One of he key drills was to crinkle a piece of paper with Little Darlin'. This exercise requires several different movements and commands from the brain to the hand. Elaine did great almost willing the messages from her brain to her hand!

Then, the therapist took an interest in Elaine's toes which have been overlapping with one another. He said that it will take some work and some massage, but that they can make progress on keeping them straight.

After therapy, Elaine headed out to the golf course to watch Ben and Kevin. It turned into an occupational therapy session as she was driving Staci and Allison around in the golf cart!  She did a great job (Ben and Kevin, not so much).

Elaine and Fred finished the day with a great dinner at Mastro's with the Hatfields who were in town to see the Smiths.

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