Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Elaine had another successful day of therapy! She continues to amaze everyone and make progress. Almost equally as amazing is her ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and really stay focused. She worked with Little Darlin' a lot today during OT and even was drawing with her left hand. The therapist is making her do everything herself: hang the paper, uncap the markers, get the tape. These are all things we take for granted and do without thinking. Elaine wasn't able to even use her left arm for these things not that long ago and now she is doing all these great things. She is working on strengthening and extending her fingers. You will see her practicing getting the middle finger ready to extend when she needs to use that expression. It was a great 2 hours. During PT they focused on her walking and they are still trying to eliminate the hitch. When she does it right, she does actually take a correct step that looks "normal." It will take a lot of work and strength for her to make this correction permanent, but we know she can and will do it! She is Mighty Mite after all! 

Elaine is having a lot of pain with her toes as well. They cramp and the big toe and two toes next to it stack up, literally. She has come up with her own method of taping it and using pads. Its quite a science watching her. Unfortunately, that is not helping and its especially not good for her feet. It has been suggested that she try botox in her toes to relax the muscle. This has to be done by a special doctor so we are hoping by the end of the week we will have it scheduled. Elaine is angling to get her face done at the same time, but it doesn't seem likely since both doctors have different priorities.

After a hard workout, Fred and Elaine built up and appetite and went to Mozza for lunch and of course dessert! When they got home, Staci and the kids picked up Elaine to come spend some time by the pool. It was a beautiful day and kids were excited to have Nammie with them. Ampa came over after hitting some balls and the whole pool area lit up, literally and figuratively! Fred was reminding Elaine the proper way to walk and it was amazing to see how well she did when prompted. Soon it will be ingrained habit! How lucky she is to have Fred there to remind her all the time!

Many thanks to all the suggestions we have received for Fred's leg cramps. He has tried all of the suggestions and so far, no luck! He is still not getting much sleep and we can't figure out the reason for the recent flare up. Hopefully tonight they will both get some sleep!

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