Monday, June 4, 2012


The week is already off to a great start! Elaine had a great therapy session with Paul. He is so impressed with how much her concentration has improved! He is also running out of exercises that she hasn't mastered with his assortment of props he has brought over and needs to bring her new "toys."  It was an exciting day for Elaine and so wonderful for HER to see progress!

Her INR is down to 1.8 this week. The doctors want to keep it between 2.5-3.5. We aren't sure why it has gone down so the doctor increased her Coumadin level and we will recheck her blood in a week.

After a hard therapy session, Staci, Fred, and Elaine went to True Food for lunch. They had a great lunch and conversation. Elaine even sat on a barstool and got on and off pretty much unassisted. She even went to the bathroom alone. Staci and Fred are really trying to let continue to grow her independence and let her do things on her own. Its amazing how her confidence is soaring and how much she is able to do. We thought we would share a few funny therapy stories today.

Last week, the therapist was asking Elaine what she does:
T: "Do you iron?"
E: :"No."
T: "Do you do all the dishes?"
E: "No"
T: "Do you manage all your own medicines?"
E: "No, Fred does!" with a smile, "I'm a princess! I didn't do this stuff before I got stoke!" They all three, Fred, Elaine and therapist break into the giggles!

Paul: "You know Elaine, you are really lucky your hand still is working. You really have worked hard to make it look like a hand. Most people look like they have monkey paws!"
E: without missing a beat, "well, that is nice. They can all walk around together and sing, 'Hey, Hey, we're the monkeys..."

Today Elaine called Staci and left a message on her answering machine and said, "help, help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" then breaks into laughter!

Yes, Elaine still has her sense of humor and manages to make the best of the situation! Fred and Elaine enjoyed a delicious dinner at Fleming's tonight! They are ready for another big day tomorrow, which fortunately, always starts with a laugh!

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