Thursday, June 28, 2012


We saw flashes of the old days today. It was so exciting! Elaine had a massage this morning to continue to loosen up her tight muscles, especially in her back. After that, she joined Fred and Staci on the back 9 and played 8 holes with them. It was simply awesome and amazing to watch. It was impossible to imagine that we thought Elaine would ever play golf again. Today she was out there, teed off with her driver and hit every club in the bag! She hit them in the air, which Fred and Staci were surprised to see. She consistently hit the ball at least 100 yards and even banged a few 125 yards. Elaine drove herself in the cart, but we had to remind her to step on the peddle and floor it. She said it still feels so foreign to be out there but we kept reminding her that she is out there and it will only get better from here. She walked a ton, with all the unevenness of the grass, greens, curbs, and all the hills,  it was exhausting but she never complained and kept pushing. Fred and Staci were thrilled beyond words to be out there with her and to see her actually hitting the ball in the air and staying balanced was just a bonus. We are all so proud of her grit and determination. She truly is inspiring, because it would have been so easy to give up on doing any activity again. She drove the cart, drove the ball, chipped and putted. We are saving the sand for another day, but we know that day will come. It was such a fun day and made it much easier for Fred and Staci, as they both hit it out of bounds on 18, to walk away with a smile! Check out the video of her swing and be amazed at this incredible lady's courage!

Fred and Elaine had a quick lunch on the patio and then they went back to the range where Elaine tried to help Fred with his swing:) They went to Lido Isle tonight and had a wonderful dinner at the O'Donnell's house, where the Sage's also joined them as well.

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