Sunday, June 10, 2012


The slumber party was crazier than expected with Brian climbing out of bed two more times in the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, Elaine was able to sleep through (most of) it!

Following a breakfast of champions consisting of bagel and Starbucks, Elaine and the Francois family said good bye to JT, Lisa, and their girls. It was so much fun to have the Sizemore clan here and we loved spending time with Samantha and Mackenzie. The Francois kids had so much fun helping with the babies and Elaine was so happy to hold them. She even got down on the floor to "play" with them. It was a wild 24 hours but so much fun and Elaine was such a trooper!

Then, Staci and Elaine saddled up and headed out for some important appointments. First stop: nail salon where Elaine got her fingers and toes done. After that adventure (its always an adventure with Little Darlin'), they went over to the mall to visit Dry Bar and Lulu Lemon. Definitely a successful excursion.

Elaine had some downtime in the late afternoon, then the whole crew hopped in the car for pasta night at Big Canyon. Elaine even walked up the stairs on the way out. Christi said, "Nammie you are walking so fast and doing it by yourself!" She is amazing and always surprises us with her spirit. We had some laughs about the weekend, and talked about how great it was to have Nammie at the house for a few nights. The Francois clan is wondering when we get to do it again!!

After dinner, we dropped Elaine off at home (her peaceful, quiet home). It may take her a few minutes to get used to the lack of noise! Fred gets back tonight from Pine Valley. He was missed by everyone - especially Elaine! She is looking forward to having her partner back in town. We are sure that they are both very tired and hope that get caught up on much needed rest!

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