Thursday, June 21, 2012


Elaine woke up feeling better and her posture looked much better after her massage today. She was looking forward to some answers about her toes and hopefully getting botox. The first stop for Fred and Elaine was Haog for some therapy. It was cut a little short because of her doctor's appointment but she still did great and impressed everyone!

After that, they went to the see the neurologist. He was running very late, which you can imagine didn't make Fred very happy. After an hour, they finally got to see him. He went through his usual series of questions, "What is this?" pointing to his watch. "What is this" pointing to his elbow. "What is this?" pointing to his finger?"
Elaine: " a pointer."
Dr: "WHAT?"
Elaine: "pointer."
Dr: pointing to his finger again, "what is this Elaine?"
Elaine: pointer. see, point and she points to his watch, point as she points to her elbow. At this point even the man who rarely smiles actually laughed and Fred and Elaine were hysterical. Elaine is a character. She undoubtedly has to be his most colorful patient.

He did look at her toes after and was surprised to see them. We will get a photo tomorrow so you can understand her discomfort. Oddly enough, he personally doesn't do botox in her foot but his colleague that is out of town does. He is going to get back to her next week. It is something that definitely needs to be done by a neurologist.  We will continue to search for answers. She is doing so well and if we could find a solution to her toes and foot pain, it would make such a huge difference!

Fred and Elaine went to lunch after the doctor and did some retail therapy. They enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather. Fred felt that the massage helped him a little yesterday, so he had another one this afternoon. Staci and the kids stopped by after for some Nammie and Ampa time and to sneak some cheetos, though the orange fingers don't make them or the grandparents look very sneaky though!

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