Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Elaine had a fun day today. She had another great day of therapy and continued to work on her walking "without a hitch." It is slowly but surely getting better! After therapy, Grace, Carol, Cookie, and Sarah come up for a visit and to have lunch with Elaine! Elaine was so excited to see them and so touched that they would drive up from San Diego to see her. They had a fun filled lunch and lots of laughs. They were all so impressed with the progress Elaine has made and how wonderful she looks. Grace brought Elaine some of her favorite chicken burgers from the Rancho Santa Fe. Elaine was thrilled to be having one of her favorite dinners tonight! It was a wonderful and special afternoon for Elaine! She is always humbled but the effort that people go to, to visit her and think of her. We are all in agreement, she is a very special lady!

Elaine continues to battle getting a restful night of sleep and being able to nap in the afternoon. At night she is able to fall a sleep, but doesn't sleep very soundly. We are sure part of it is due to the fact that she can't get comfortable and that she is in constant pain. It is so important that she gets rest and we are trying to figure out ways to get her little body more sleep to heal.

Back to Haog tomorrow to continue to work on Little Darlin' and her walk!

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