Saturday, June 30, 2012


Elaine slept well but woke up with a swollen left foot. By about noon, it was even bigger. They decided they better call the doctor. First he had them test her INR (Coumadin level). It had been pretty consistent at 2.8 and it was up to 3.1, which means her blood is getting thicker. It is still at at a level that her cardiologist is comfortable with, so no need to panic, but they did adjust her medication. She is on bed rest for the next 24 hours, with her legs elevated and we will see how it looks in the morning. Elaine was also told she needs to watch her salt intake, and she tends to have a very heavy hand with the salt shaker in her hand.  No cause for alarm and she is still feeling good! She clearly had a very busy week and continues to increase her activity, doing things she hasn't done for several months!

Here is a look at her foot tonight. We wish them a restful night and that the swelling is gone by morning!

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