Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It is utterly amazing to see Elaine's toes today. We are VERY frustrated by the fact it took us this long to get the botox shot and that it wasn't suggested to us sooner. We are however, very grateful that it is working and Elaine's foot is feeling better. Now she is to learn a new way to walk away but fortunately, this is the right way and her body is able to physically cooperate with her! It is very exciting and Elaine is much more comfortable. Now we just need a solution for Little Darlin'.

Elaine had therapy with Paul, who was also thrilled to see her toe and her increased mobility. He continues to see improvement. It seems that her weakest area is her rotator cuff. This is something she must improve on to continue on towards her recovery. It seems some days are better than others, with no rhyme or reason - other then the stroke, of course. It is amazing to see her strength and the way her left arm is getting involved in her exercises. We keep reminding her that not that long ago she referred to it as her "dummy arm" and it was just that. It didn't even move! Now its bearing weight and making cookies! She works diligently and hard, and it is inspiring to watch her go day in and day out.

She continued on with her busy day, having Franny take her for a manicure and some errands. Then she came to watch Christi race in her first swim competition. She even walked down from her house to the club. She enjoyed lots of attention in her bright yellow shoes and shirt from all the well wishers. Will sat down to cheer on Lucy and Christi with her. Fred and Elaine were definitely the best dressed at the pool! They were also the loudest cheering section during the parent/child swimming relay! Ben and Christi made us very proud! It was a very fun day and we love to see Elaine pushing herself to getting back to her daily life, never sitting home feeling sorry for herself!

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