Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Another wild night at the Smith house. Unfortunately, Fred had a tough time with his legs and neither he nor Elaine had the best night of sleep. Well, as they say, no rest for the weary.  .  .

Elaine was off to therapy at Hoag today. Her vacation was definitely over. The therapist once again focused on independence. This entails having Elaine use her left hand to complete daily tasks. To force her to use Little Darlin', the therapist put an oven mitt on Elaine's left hand and had her work on a few specific tasks with just Little Darlin'. Those tasks include cutting food, shampooing her hair, brushing her hair, and brushing her teeth. The therapist suggested that Elaine try the oven mitt at home to encourage the use of Little Darlin' everyday!

They also worked hard on walking with a steadier gait. It is not easy work, but as you all know, Elaine never gives up and wants to improve every single day. Take a look at this video of her walking! 

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