Monday, June 11, 2012


The week is off to a great start. Fred made it home safely, and Elaine was sure happy to see him! She slept well, although she is continuing to battle a very painful Little Darlin'. Elaine had yet another superb therapy session this morning. She continued to amaze Paul and her walking is getting more normal and requiring less prompting from us. She was hoping that with a few days away from Fred, she would have a break from those courteous reminders - keep your left leg strong, use Little Darlin', stand up straight. That wasn't the case, but she knows it comes from place of love and wanting her to get better. All of her therapists encourage us to reminder her often. They also remind her how lucky she is to be surrounded by people who care!

After a productive and exhausting therapy session, Fred and Elaine decided to see a movie. I think they were both hoping to catch a little shut eye and indulge in some popcorn. Then they came by the Francois house. The kids were anxious to see Fred and he had brought them a few Philadelphia souvenirs from his golf trip. Elaine has a busy week and continuing to work towards the goal of getting back to normal. Fred was only gone a few days and noticed a difference even in that short of a time. She literally continues to improve daily.

Elaine did hear back from her neurologist about botox in her foot. He is going to see her in a month and they will decide then if and injection is a good course of action and would help relieve her foot pain. Back to Hoag tomorrow for more therapy!

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