Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Elaine had an exciting day again today! She had a great therapy session with Paul. He is also on board of her continuing to gain some independence. He feels that soon it will be time to eliminate a few days of therapy and allow her time and energy to live. She is taking her driving test on July 17th and we will evaluate everything after that. It is all very exciting though and huge steps forward, milestones we weren't sure she would ever physically be able to accomplish. She is such an inspiration to us all!

After therapy she had a massage and it felt great. She is also going to try some acupuncture from someone that works exclusively with stroke patients. She is hoping to get some relief in Little Darlin' as well as her foot. She is also going to see her neurologist tomorrow and hoping to get some botox in her left foot to ease the foot and toe pain.

Tonight was a HUGE step for Elaine mentally and physically and we are so proud of her! This week is the ladies member guest, and she went to the opening party. We are so proud of her for going and she had a great time. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to see her and she was so happy to be out and about. Of course she looked beautiful too! She did forget to take photos though!! A very special thank you to Gloria for picking her up and bringing her home tonight. That was so sweet and thoughtful and Elaine (and all of us) really appreciate it!

Fred also had a massage tonight hoping to help with his leg pain. The therapist said he has the highest IT bands she has ever seen or worked on. It was a painful massage but hopefully well worth it!

A big day tomorrow with doctors visits and more therapy. Elaine is amazing and to see where she is today is nothing short of a miracle. She has pep back in her voice and is excited by her progress!

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